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Our intent is to provide an overview of the primary factors that impact price knowing that it’s impossible to name them all.

From short-term and long-term contracts to flexible space arrangements, our pricing model typically includes three* elements:

  1. Inbound Receipt Charge
  2. Monthly Recurring Storage Charge
  3. Outbound Shipment Charge

*Other ancillary charges can include but are not limited to: stretch wrap, pallet supply, restocking fee, packaging fee, & labeling fee.

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Warehouse Leasing

Our Warehouse Leasing Services are quoted on a per-square-foot, per-year basis.

The primary factors that impact cost include:

  • Warehouse Space Required
  • Anticipated Wear & Tear Based on Space Usage
  • Length of Lease Term 

Warehousing & Distribution

Our Warehousing & Distribution Services are custom-built quotes based on your business’ needs and workflow.

The primary factors that impact cost include:

  • Warehouse Space Required
  • Amount of Labor Required to Ship Your Product

Tasks like creating cartons, kitting, or adding marketing collateral to packages all increase labor requirements which impact cost.


Our Cross-Docking Services are quoted as a pallet-in, pallet-out recurring storage fee.

Fulfillment & E-Commerce

Our Fulfillment & E-Commerce Services are quoted on inbound receipt, recurring storage, and outbound shipment charges. There is also a one-time set-up fee to connect our WMS to your ERP.

The primary factors that impact cost include:

  • Warehouse Space Required Based on Size of Product
  • Number of Shipments Per Week
  • Labeling Requirements
  • Packing Requirements

When You’re Ready to Work Together
Here’s How the Process Works:

  1. Have a Consultation
    • Meet with our team for a 30-minute Zoom call to make sure we’re the right partner for you.
  2. Get a Custom Proposal
    • Receive a custom proposal within a week so that you can get things started quickly.
  3. Grow with Confidence
    • Have peace of mind knowing you’ve got a 3PL partner you can trust.

Don’t settle for just any 3PL partner.

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