Store, Sell, & Ship Your Products All From One Place

Big and bulky products are our specialty.

✓ 99% Accuracy
✓ Real-Time Inventory Visibility
✓ EDI & API Capability

Streamline your operations with our reliable online order fulfillment services.

Our robust Warehouse Management System (WMS) software gives you real-time visibility on your inventory, order, and shipment status.

Fulfillment & E‑Commerce Services that Support the Backend of Your Business

There are a lot of moving parts to keep the order fulfillment side of your business running smoothly.

When you choose StewardSHIP you can count on:


  • Same-day pick, pack, and ship to keep your customers happy 
  • Real-time tracking updates that are shared with your customer 
  • 2-Day delivery of parcels to 80% of the U.S.
  • Customization of any reporting you require and retail compliant labeling

Facility Features Include:

✔ Sprinkler & Fire Protection

✔ Security Systems

✔ Surveillance Cameras

✔ Gated Entrances

✔ Multiple Dock Doors

✔ Trailer Parking

✔ Pallet Racking

✔ 500,000+ sq. ft.

Don’t just take our word for it —

Here’s what our clients say

Stewardship has made our shipment of replacement parts process so easy!! Rusty and his team always go above and beyond to ensure we get fast, dependable service. We always know we can count on them to get the job done which in turn makes it a smooth process for our customers.

Jennie S.

Operations Manager, Furniture Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you integrate with our online shopping cart?

Yes. Our Warehouse Management System integrates with all major shopping cart platforms.

How does our product ship out from your location?

We work with all major small parcel carriers including UPS, FedEX and USPS. Additionally, we work with multiple less than truckload (LTL) carriers for larger products.

How will I know when my customers’ orders have been fulfilled?

We offer same-day fulfillment with rapid order processing and custom reports offering end-of-day activity to include all relevant tracking information giving you full visibility on order statuses and inventory.

What kind of products do you work with – or NOT work with?

We work with a variety of big and bulky products, like furniture, and products that fit in a carton, like small appliances, fixtures, auto parts, etc. We do not currently handle clothing, food, or other small or perishable items.

When You’re Ready to Work Together
Here’s How the Process Works:

  1. Have a Consultation
    • Meet with our team for a 30-minute Zoom call to make sure we’re the right partner for you.
  2. Get a Custom Proposal
    • Receive a custom proposal within a week so that you can get things started quickly.
  3. Grow with Confidence
    • Have peace of mind knowing you’ve got a 3PL partner you can trust.

Don’t settle for just any 3PL partner.

Seamlessly store, distribute, and fulfill orders with a partner who’s got your back and lightens the load – so that you can get back to growing your business.